Author = Eliot P
Hi, here's how to launch the Chromebook install of MIT AI2 Companion:
  1. Check your Chromebook model.  This feature is not listed as supported on Dell Chromebook 11 3120 (it works fine on the 3180 and both of our Lenovo models).
  2. Log on to the Chromebook and wait for all apps to install.  'Google Play Protect is turned on' will show up as a notification, and then Download Manager will give a notification that it is installing MIT AI2 Companion.  You will need to wait until the deployment is complete.
  3. Open Google Chrome and search for 'play store MIT AI2 Companion' and click on the Google Play result, or use this link.  We recommend bookmarking this link (click on the star on the right end of the address bar).
  4. You should see MIT AI2 Companion and under it, two buttons 'Uninstall' and 'Open'.  Click 'Open'.
  5. Click Allow to allow access to photos, media, and files on your device.
  6. Your app is open!  You can minimize it and drag it to the right side of the screen, and this will allow you to use the web-based coding environment with this emulator off to the side.
  7. The app will be launched from the Google Play store page (it doesn't seem to pin to the taskbar correctly).  It's easiest if you bookmark the link above.
[Tech troubleshooting: users must be both in the group and added to the 'Android app deployment' OU under Students, or the one under Staff.  It doesn't matter what OU the device is in.]